Dream Team

One of the most mind-bending realities of the human experience is that God created you to know and enjoy Him.

That’s not a passive invitation, but one that Jesus gave His life for and one that is filled with endless potential. God created you, and when He did, He did so with purpose. He has a plan for you. You have gifts, talents, skills, and passions that are all God-given and designed to bring glory to Him. So, whether it’s serving the homeless in our city or teaching 5-year-olds in Mannahouse Kids, you can discover the fulfillment that comes with making a difference when you become a part of the Dream Team.

Joining the Dream Team is simple — just complete the Starting Point (formerly Belong) journey at your local church campus! Once you’ve done that, click the link below to learn how you can start serving!

I've been through belong or Starting Point, now I want to be on the Dream Team at my campus:


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