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No matter where you are on your journey through life, you are welcome here!

Life is about relationships.  The kind of relationships that help you on the journey through life.  Relationship with Jesus,  We’re a community that’s been around for 70 years and discovered that those life-giving relationships start with Jesus. His plan for life, the way to relate to God, one another and the world around us really is the way it was designed to be.  But Jesus also commanded us to love one another, so we strive to build our community together, helping each other on our journey.

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Statement of Faith

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of men, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, fully God and fully man.


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As they faithfully followed the path that God set before them, He was faithful in turn; bringing revival in both the 1950’s and 1960’s. While people flocked to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, they remained for the solid biblical teaching and deep relationships. As people were gathered to the church, we became more than a church. We became a family.

Brother Dick


The 1960’s were a time of great vision for where our journey would take us. Our lead pastor at the time, Brother Dick Iverson, wrote on a blackboard everything that God had placed on his heart- from a Bible school and sending out missionaries to youth camps and Christian literature. In all caps was written: “OUR FUTURE, THE LORD WILLING.” Because the most important thing is for God himself to be guiding our steps.

1967 Bible Temple


1967 Portland Bible College begins as a ministry of Bible Temple to equip leaders to reach the world. Next was a tape ministry, then a Christian school, publishing house, multiple church plants, and a fellowship for pastors. We felt compelled to share what God had given us with the rest of the world.

1995 City Bible Church


Pastor Frank Damazio took the reigns of the church as we refocused our vision to reaching our city and even changed our name to reflect that- City Bible Church. In addition to planting more churches, we felt that God had called us to plant ourselves in more parts of the city and surrounding area. Thus, the multi-campus vision was born.

2003 Church


Our second campus was launched on the west side of Portland in 2003 and we now have five locations total: NE Portland, downtown Portland, Tigard, Vancouver and Eugene. The adventure we are on hasn’t only taken us to different parts of the city, it has taken us into other cultures as well. We now have two Latino Services and one Burmese Service. ¡Gracias a Dios!

2016 Marc and Susan Estes


Marc and Susan Estes become our pastors, launching Global Family and changing our name to better reflect the role that God has called us to in our time and culture.  We are Mannahouse, a place of God’s provision as we journey towards His promises.


Planted by Mannahouse in 1980, Eugene Christian Fellowship becomes the Mannahouse Eugene Campus.

2021 lead pastor derrill corbin


Our senior leadership roles are redefinied as Marc Estes becomes our Senior Pastor; in charge of the organization of the church and its ministries.  Pastor Derrill Corbin becomes the Lead Pastor, leading the church congregation and overseeing congregational life.

Mission & Values


Our mission is simple: LIVE LIKE JESUS and SHARE HIS LOVE.

At Mannahouse, our values are the core of what makes our church special. We are on a journey to fulfill a God-given mission to build a thriving church that impacts people everywhere.  We are people faithfully on the move, leaning forward into the uncomfortable, into the new; into His presence and towards His promises.

OUr Values

Jesus is our message

God first loved us and sent His Son to save us from sin. As a result, we’re in love with Jesus and we are stirred to share His love with our neighbors, both locally and globally.

God’s Word forms our lives

The Word of God shapes, guides, and directs all we believe, care for, and how we act. 

The Holy Spirit empowers our mission

The Holy Spirit guides, refreshes, and empowers us, so we prioritize His presence when we gather and listen to His voice as we live out His mission in everyday life.

The table is our practice

We create space at tables and over food, we find healing in vulnerability, grow as family, build lifetime relationships, and experience a foretaste of eternity.

Discipleship is our target

We are a church that is on the MOVE: IN (closer to church family), UP (closer to God), and OUT (closer to the world around us). We lead with both ‘high invitation’ to be part of God’s family, and ‘high challenge’ to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Diversity is our heart

We strive for reconciliation, justice, and unity, believing that the best reflection of heaven on earth is unity in diversity, therefore we are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multi-site church.

Excellence is our spirit

Because God gave us His best and we desire to give Him ours, we endeavor to do the best we can with what we have in every circumstance.

Giving is our privilege

We happily use our temporal resources for eternal impact in the lives of people, both where we live, and around the world.

Our Leadership

Senior Pastor Marc and Susan Estes

Marc and Susan are the Senior Pastors of Mannahouse. Marc works closely with the Vision Leadership Team, Eldership and Stewardship to develop healthy vision and financial stewardship for the entire Mannahouse Family. He is also the President of Portland Bible College, a creative communicator, author, and has worked relentlessly to build bridges with public schools, law enforcement, foster care agencies and other groups to transform our community.

Pastor Susan is known for her gift of bringing women from all ages and walks of life together to encourage them to be radiant in their pursuit of God. She is passionate about helping families thrive and is unashamedly real when it comes to the challenges that women face today.  Pastor Marc and Susan have been married since 1980 and reside in Happy Valley. They have four grown children and four grandchildren.

Lead Pastor
Derrill and Michal Corbin

Derrill & Michal are the Lead pastors of Mannahouse. Derrill & Michal met at Portland Bible College and were married soon after graduating. They served on the church staff under Dick & Edie Iverson and then Frank & Sharon Damazio. After planting and pastoring a multi-site church in the northwest for more than 15 years, Derrill and Michal Corbin returned to Mannahouse (formerly City Bible Church) where they now serve as Lead Pastors.

Michal owns and operates her own fitness studio, is very active in the community, and serves on a variety of teams in the church. They are known for their personal and creative leadership and insightful communication and are focused on and dedicated to discipling people into a movement that impacts people everywhere. Derrill & Michal reside in Camas, Washington with their three children, Mariah, Judah & Noah.

Church Governance

Mannahouse is governed, according to a New Testament model of Elders, who are led by the Senior Pastor.

Our Eldership has evolved over many years to effectively govern the ongoing health and growth of the Mannahouse church family. Elders must meet Biblical qualifications and must be proven as mature leaders among the church. Consideration for Eldership is also given to their calling, character, function, experience, diversity of spiritual gifts, gender, cultural diversity, and the needs of the church.

The elders function in sub-teams as a team of teams. The different teams across the church lead within specific parameters delegated to them by the Eldership. Reports from the teams are provided to the Elders at monthly meetings for the purpose of unity and accountability in all matters of church governance.


At Mannahouse we are dedicated to relentlessly training, equipping and coaching leaders for every area of society. By providing students from all over the world the opportunity to be educated through the Word of God in a richly pragmatic and spiritual environment at our education institutions we’ve been able to set generations of students and families up for success on their journey.



Coming soon: Eugene




Our bible college in Portland, Oregon offering theological and church ministry degrees at the associate and baccalaureate level.

There are certain topics that can be politicized, that can be divisive, where there can be many different opinions and points of view from many different backgrounds.  Here at Mannahouse we go straight to the Bible for answers, and we have compiled our research on these topics to help us decide how Jesus would handle these hot button issues.