Vision Partners

Vision Partners is a team of people dedicated to maximizing their spiritual gift of giving for the sake of eternity, accelerating vision as the Lord leads them, and multiplying this grace gift in others.

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve ... if it is giving, then give generously...”

Romans 12:6-8


Vision Partners from across the church gather twice a year (Spring & Fall) at one central location. There, people are encouraged and equipped in their calling as gifted givers, receive vision updates, and strengthen community with like-minded people.

A second way Vision Partners connect is on a Vision Update Zoom Call with the Lead Pastor. These happen twice annually and are a time for questions, answers, and input too!

Last, Vision Partners are made aware of opportunities for the other four Vision Lanes to gather and share vision. These are great opportunities for those who have specific interest in knowing more about another aspect of Mannahouse vision.


A vision gap is a term to describe a financial need for vision advancement that is not yet funded. Vision Partners are made aware of vision gaps for the Congregation twice in the year through a report, developed just for that team.

The Vision Gap Report contains stories of vision advancement as well as budget vs. actual summaries for the Congregation. This report also includes a list of any specific items outside of budget needed to accelerate vision. The goal is to keep the team aware of the state of finances and aware of any vision gaps


Mannahouse Vision is expressed through four Ministry Centers. Communicating vision through this framework provides clarity, intentionality, and focus to team members. All four lanes are distinct in focus but one in mission. Each Ministry Center creates opportunities to connect around vision, new and existing projects, financial needs, and scope of impact.


Mannahouse is one church expressed in a movement of campuses around the northwest. They are first and foremost, a spiritual family made up of individuals on the move closer in community, closer to God, and closer to the world around us. Mannahouse focuses its resources on reaching people far from God, gathering in life-giving community, equipping to be more like Christ, and empowering to lead in life.

 Mannahouse enlarges its mission through a churchwide evangelism, justice, and campus expansion initiative called Live Love City. Out of a heart of care, they share Christ’s love with the city where each campus is targeting some of the root causes of poverty and injustice: food distribution, racial reconciliation work, foster care, houselessness, anti-sex trafficking, the sanctity of life (birth to death), and fatherlessness.


Through this strategic training arm of the church, Portland Bible College disciples more than 600 next chapter leaders from around the world, annually. PBC offers degree programs in Church Leadership, Counseling Emphasis, Christian Business Leadership, Worship Ministry, and partners with churches and private high schools to provide a variety of training resources to establish leaders in a Biblical worldview.


Mannahouse is committed to Christian education for K-12th grade. Students can attend one of a variety of our MCA campuses (Vancouver, Portland, or Eugene) and receive a high-level education. They also have many opportunities for sports and other extracurricular clubs and events. The unique mix of a church-school linked to a college ensures a solid Biblical worldview and personal pastoral care from the school and church staff.


The mission Christ commissioned the Church to fulfill is both local and global. Mannahouse has been on the forward edge of global mission, sending some of their best leaders to cities and nations around the world to plant churches, develop colleges, and disciple leaders for many years. The vision to plant 100 more churches around the United States is gaining ground.


Vision Partners give of their time, treasure, and talents through the local church, to advance the cause of Christ in the earth. Each member prayerfully commits to give as the Lord leads—and to make an eternal difference in God’s story.

• Complete Starting Point and become a member of Mannahouse
• Be faithful in tithes and generous in offerings
• Cultivate the spiritual gift of giving and help others grow in their generosity
• Have a desire to be made aware of vision gaps
• Help accelerate vision and fill gaps as the Lord leads

Let’s partner and do eternal work together! Talk with your Campus Pastor today or email our Vision Partners Pastor at: