COVID-19 Response & Resources

As Pastors and Leaders, we’re all having to react and respond to the ever changing COVID-19 crisis. Strategies and approaches to church are evolving and changing almost daily as we move from an attendance to an engagement model for the church community. The good news is there’s lots of digital resource available and we can all learn from one another and help each other in this season. We’ve had hundreds of requests for advice, information and resources that might help pastors and churches. This page has been put together to share letters, videos, resources and strategies that we’re creating. We hope it’s helpful and we hope we can create a place where we can all learn from one another.

Couple of quick thoughts.

  1. Shift your thinking from an attendance model to engagement model. How can we create spaces, places and ways for people to engage with Jesus, one another and the content your church has to offer.
  2. Be mindful of the season. It’s a crisis moment, not business as usual – what is most needful? For example, we’ve focused our online weekend gatherings around worship, pastoral touchpoint/giving and sharing from God’s Word.
  3. What groups needs to be communicated with, what’s the best way to communicate and what should be communicated. Elders, Ministry/Group Leaders, Youth/Parents, Parent of younger kids etc
  4. Develop a general communication/engagement strategy for the entire congregation and outside community. Some churches are texting on Tuesday, sending a video update on Thursday and a message on Sunday. Lots are using social media and emails. We grouped public communication/engagement into three lanes.
  5. Our reach and encouragement lane currently being developed around a few things. Daily prayer posts (IG carousel) that connects to Facebook Live prayer gatherings happening twice a day. Every other day or daily devotional videos on IGTV from pastors and leaders. Social media communication around weekend gatherings, virtual groups and ways we’re seeking to care for others.

Letters, Videos and Resources

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Hosting Virtual Groups

Resources for Kids & Families

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Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources

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CARES Act Resources

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