Caring For Your Neighbor

As a community, we have mobilized nearly 7,000 people to serve Clark County, Portland, Tigard, and Eugene and all the surrounding areas through a systematic and focused community care strategy.  Our emphasis is four key areas: Foster Care, Neighbor Care, First Responder Care, and elderly/immune compromised care.

Foster Care

Foster Parent Support

  • Rocky Butte: The Foster Parent Night Out (FPNO) team is connecting to and supporting foster parents who bring their foster kids to FPNO.  If you are interested in joining this team, contact:
    Leader: Heather Johnson (contact)
  • Mill Plain: The Foster Parent Night Out (FPNO) team is connecting to and supporting foster parents who bring their foster kids to FPNO.  If you are interested in joining this team, contact:
    Leader: Emily (Jones) Passino (contact)

Anchor Sites for Foster Family Support

In partnership with Embrace Oregon, we are targeting the region’s foster families to ensure they have the supplies they need.  As of 4/16/20 we have seen over 350 individual needs met and many foster families sustained through the COVID crisis.

Other ways we can help with foster care & those impacted by child welfare

A Card of Encouragement

Kids and adults are writing cards of encouragement to the staff of Child Welfare. These front-lines workers are carrying a very heavy weight and are stuck in the middle balancing the tension of instructions from DHS Central office, and children who are eager to see their parents. Offices have an average of 120 staff.

  • DSHS Vancouver WA Mailing Address:
    800 NE 136th Ave Unit 210
    Vancouver, WA 98684
  • DHS Portland OR Mailing Address:
    1425 NE Irving St Suite. 400
    Portland, OR 97232
  • DHS Eugene OR Mailing Address:
    1899 Willamette
    Eugene, OR 97401

Including a stack of $5 gift cards to Starbucks takes it to a whole new level!

Families are Creating Flash Boxes
These boxes are full of necessities, activities, gifts for foster parents, and gift cards—to provide resources for foster families who are home with kids who have experienced trauma, while also offering the encouragement that they are not alone.

Neighbor Care

Meal & Food Delivery to those in need

  • Teams delivered 105 meal kits last weekend alone, serving 420 people food for Easter.
  • Over 350 bags of groceries have been delivered to families in need in the past three weeks.
  • If interested in joining this team contact:
    Leader: Cherilyn Warner (contact)

Hello Neighbor! Card

Churchwide – Use the “Hello Neighbor” card we’ve provided to offer help and care for those in your neighborhood!

  • Find a need: Find five people in your neighborhood or at work you can offer to support or help with prayer, ‘shop & drop,’ or a listening ear.
  • Meet a need: When someone responds with the filled-out card, be light in a dark place & time where you are. Rally your Group to help, perhaps you and your family could meet the need, or you could reach out to your Mannahouse Campus Team and draw on resources we offer.

As of April 15, at least 250 follow-up calls and contacts for emotional and spiritual care have happened.

Printable Card to Care for Your Neighbor

Hello Neighbor! Kids Card

The Hello Neighbor card was added the first week of April and kids are using it to reach out to their neighborhood friends and follow a similar model as the adults are. Hundreds of kids are becoming caring leaders in their neighborhoods by using this card!

Printable Kids Card to Care for Your Neighbor

More Ways for Kids Can Serve

Food Distribution for Homeless and Survivors (Rocky Butte Campus)

We are serving on average, 1,000 people per week who are homeless or survivors of sex trafficking with food through our food bank at our NE Portland location. If interested in joining this team contact:
Leader: Kathleen Ryan (contact)

Blood Drive

Held at Vancouver, NE Portland, Tigard, and Eugene locations (May)
Leader: Jennie Gilpin (contact)

Masks for Clark County Rehab Centers

If you want to join this team contact:
Leader: Shari Roberts (contact)

Masks for First Responders

If you want to join this team contact:
Leader: Susan Jones (contact)

First Responders Care

First Responders 

At two of our locations, we have exclusive space dedicated for first responders to get respite care.  These are first-class locations stocked with food, drinks, dedicated wifi, couches, and work space.  These are currently being utilized by more than 60 officers a day.

If you want to join this team contact:
Leader: Ashley Benton (contact)

Adopt a First Responders 

In April, 250 Group leaders were encouraged to mobilize their Groups to adopt a first responder where they live. Do a donut drop, send them a card, pray for them, do chalk drawings and post them on social media, and more!

First Responders Care Calls 

We’re piloting an online gathering for first responders through our Vancouver, WA, Mill Plain Campus the second week of April.  First responders who are connected to the Campus through our Police Rest Stop or are part of the Mannahouse Community are reaching out to their contacts and friends to pull others into the call.  There will be Facebook invites, invites posted in the Rest Stop, and sent out to precincts and fire departments. A Zoom link will be included and then a First Responder Care Call will happen for them.  It’s already gaining traction! We will pray for them, encourage them, and find specific needs we can continue to meet for them.  Other campuses will do this in weeks following.

Elderly/Immune Compromised Care

Check-in Calls 

As soon as COVID-19 began, our team activated a calling list to a database around our campuses to check in on more than 1,000 elderly and immune compromised.  Our focus was care and support.

Deliver Meals to Seniors with Meals on Wheels 

Help deliver meals to isolated seniors with Meals on Wheels: Click Here

Global Care

Take some time to care for our missionaries and church planters around the world

Caring for our Missionaries