We Want to Help You Grow Closer to Jesus

The Mannahouse community is all about helping you and your family grow closer to Jesus. Our church ministries and groups allow you to do that in a variety of ways, from different activities to relationships and special experiences.

Your growth won’t only come from what we provide for you, though. It will come from what you do as well. You will grow closer to Jesus in unique ways as you use what He has given you — your gifts, talents, and abilities — to bring Him glory and serve others.

There are a number of different areas in our church where you can get involved, both to receive and to give back. God has a special plan for your life, as well as a special place for you to fulfill that plan as we journey together. Below are some of the opportunities available to you where you can be challenged in your own life while also making a difference in the lives of others. For more information, contact your local church campus.



Young Adults



Worship Academy

Mannahouse Christian Academy

Portland Bible College

Global Family